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Final Book

For my magazine I want to focus on a more surreal feeling to the photographs and a little bit of a darker feel as well, instead of a happy upbeat feel. I want to focus on people models, in a surreal way, and focus on photography of food, but in a less ordinary way, also kind of surreal. I love surreal things; Alice in Wonderland is a big influence why I like surreal art so much. “In a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” Art is a great way to get away from the realness of life, and make the unimaginable happen. I want to try and convey that quote through the story of my book. I found a few artists that inspire me an Annenberg Space. I plan to mimic their art a little, contrast their art a little, and put my own spin on their art. I am going to take little pieces from everything that inspires me. Research will help me with my project because, minus yelp, I have never photographed food for art. This project and class has loosened me up to more possibilities to photography, close ups, lighting. angles, etc. I haven’t had much experience with photography, only photoshop, so I have learned a lot! I want the viewer to remember how wild and eerie the world I created is. I want the viewer to be surprised at what they see and have a sense of wonder after they are done looking through it.